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How Mogol Smart Taps Work


A customer scans a code from his smartphone or a card he is given. Now the system knows the customer. Is he legal to be served alcohol? Does he have enough credit? Maybe he had too much already?


A customer pours himself a drink from a tap, as much as he wants, the system counts every drop. But you can limit the amount of the drink to be served based on many different criteria.


A customer enjoys the drink and refills as soon as he wants. The system will prepare the check at the end and charge the credit card on file if any amount is due.

Who needs Smart Taps

Brewpub Owners

Keep your focus on brewing and enjoy the company of your guests, not on filling glasses and charging cards.

Winery Owners

Let them enjoy the view with full glass of wine or taste your selection with a few ounces of each. That way they can take home a bottle of their favorite.

Homebrew Clubs and Associations

Foster community and conversation with a portable system that tracks payments for you and enables guests to sample all your offerings.

Homebrew Enthusiasts

With a Mogol system in your home, you can serve up your own brews with style. Safely store drinks at home as Mogol checks each dispenser's ID. You can even monitor this on your mobile device when you're away from home!

Nowadays everybody is talking about Self-serve Beer Walls, how much money they save, and how much more they help you sell.

Still, there are problems with the current solutions: they are expensive, they require a professional to set up, and they are very easy to hack.

Mogol Tech addresses all these issues with our affordable Smart Taps. These state-of-the-art taps are easy to install and almost impossible to hack. Our customer authentication system dramatically improves on the previous generation's tech, using encryption instead of the RFID system that was so vulnerable to hackers.

Also, we built our smart taps not only for businesses but for enthusiasts. Our system helps individuals track their brew and control access when teenagers or others are home alone.

There are many solutions for beer walls or smart taps on the market, but all of them are essentially the same: RFID Card Reader and a touchscreen facing a customer, with a controller unit on the back of the wall.

And all of them have the same problems: RFID Cards are insecure and LED Displays are expensive.

Mogol Smart Taps use superior technology with encryption and don't require displays. This makes our smart taps more affordable and reliable. Also, Mogol Tech provides free mobile applications for managing the dispensers right from your phone, plus a free application for your customers.

We love our product, and we know you will, too. But before we release our Smart Taps to the market, we want you to test it out and give us your feedback. Sign up for Early Adopter Program which comes with great benefits.

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