The only secure
self-serve taps

Mogol Tech's easy to install, only secure self-serve taps

Self-serve taps have been creating a buzz in pubs over the last few years, as both customers and business owners look for faster, more convenient serving options. Tasting rooms, restaurants, and even homebrew enthusiasts see self-service as a new, exciting experience.

Without having to wait for busy bartenders, customers are able to get off the bar stool and socialize while enjoying beer, cider, pre-mixed cocktail, or wine. It makes for a bustling, active atmosphere–with reduced keg waste as a bonus for the business.

These pay-per-pour systems can dispense beverages by the ounce, which lets customers sample a variety of brews during a visit. Unfortunately, business owners have identified problems with the old-fashioned systems that arrived on the market a few years ago. First, the systems are difficult and expensive to install.

Secondly, most of the older systems use radio frequency identification, or RFID, technology. In recent years, hackers have demonstrated how vulnerable these systems are to hacking and theft. With a cheap reader, thieves can steal credit card information from the RFID cards, even when the card is "safe" in a wallet.

To address these concerns, Mogol Tech has launched a smart tap that is the only secure self-serve tap available for commercial bars and private homes. These taps are reliable, affordable, and a solution to many problems of other, outdated systems.

Encrypted Customer Protection

What sets Mogol Tech's taps apart from old-fashioned styles is the significant advancement in payment technology. Old styles used RFID cards, which are connected to credit cards. This basic technology, which is usually used for entry to buildings, is easy to hack. Customers discovered their card information can be scanned, even remotely, by someone who happens to be sitting nearby.

To address these concerns, Mogol Tech has developed a new process to use smartphones and QR codes, which are encrypted and safe. Customers will be able to use their mobile device to purchase beer, wine, or another beverage from a self-service wall of beer taps that are accompanied with a QR code reader. This modern technology is nearly impossible to hack, unlike the RFID cards.

Patrons can download a free mobile application called the "Mogol Club" from the Apple Store or Google Play. Then, they simply scan their code. The smart tap will be able to determine if the purchaser is legal to drink, if there is enough credit in the account, and even if the guest has had too much to drink. Bar managers are able to manage the process remotely on their device.

Once guests enjoy beverages at their own pace, the Mogol Club app will prepare a check and charge the credit card on file through a secure, encrypted process.

Easy to Install

Unlike old-fashioned self-serve taps, Mogol Tech smart taps do not require a professional to install. When you receive the product, it comes with a simple, two-prong connection for tubes. To install the tap, bar or home owners can just slice tubes to connect your keg and your tap. The process takes just minutes.

Old-fashioned systems require contracting a service professional to install, which can be costly. Plus, the RFID cards demand installation of LED screens to read the card and display information. The improved Mogol Tech system allows all the information to be read and shared through the app, further reducing costs of expensive LED displays.

Perfect for Homes, Events

While self-serve taps have grown in popularity in commercial restaurants and pubs throughout America, they also make sense for home brew enthusiasts looking to monitor the amount of beer flowing through their taps. Using the Mogol Tech technology, parents can keep an eye on their teenagers even when they're not at home.

Also, event planners have come to rely on the only secure self-serve tap when creating portable beer walls or vineyard experiences. Guests are able to mingle and enjoy different beverage offerings without having to get the attention of a busy bartender. Even managers of co-working office spaces are beginning to invest in this new, easy to install style of dispensing.

Homebrew clubs also enjoy this new technology as part of tasting and journaling events so members can keep notes on the different brews they've sampled. Because a Mogol Tech self-serve tap can be programmed to dispense a full glass, half glass, or just one ounce, it is ideal for aficionados.

To learn more about the new self-serve taps offered by Mogol Tech, log on to  and see if you qualify for  the early adopter program.